How to Use Shock Electronic Dog Training Collars

So many people give their dogs away or to animal shelters because they cannot control their pet’s disobedient behavior. Electronic dog training collars can help prevent your family pet from staying in trouble and out of the pound. Learn how to use a dog shock collar in this article for successful obedience training. With patience and praise for a job well done, dog shock collars can be a safe and effective dog training experience.

Before using the electronic dog training collar, read all the instructions that accompany the product. This information will give you the basics of how to use a dog shock collar. Dog shock collars deliver a safe static shock to the animal that is similar to touching a door knob after walking on carpet. It is intended to guide your pet toward proper obedience, not cause intentional pain. Put the collar on the dog snugly, but not too tight. Some shock collars may feature a warning beep, sprays or a vibrating sensation. Do not use any of these training techniques for a few days. Doing so will allow your companion to become accustomed to its new accessory and will not associate the correction with you or the collar.

When your pet is disobedient, try the beep, spray or vibrating techniques first if any of these features are present in your particular shock collar, it may be all you need for success. If that doesn‘t work, turn to the static shock technique. Electronic dog training collars feature adjustable levels of static electricity and you should begin training your dog at the lowest level of stimulus. Sometimes a very light tingle is all it takes for the puppy to realize that he never wants to do that again. Bullheaded dogs may need a stronger level to realize an action means an uncomfortable consequence.

If your dog loves to chew, fights with other dogs, or jumps up on you or others, this is the time for correction. Push the shock button on the remote control, but do not let the dog see you using the remote. Reinforce the stimulus with a stern, “No!” Most dogs learn quickly, so it won’t take long for them to realize the consequences of bad behavior. Training your beloved friend to come and sit by you will teach them that you are the safest place to be and will keep them out of trouble.

Never shock your dog for no good reason. Electronic dog training collars are meant to prevent your dog from running into the street and being hit by a car, stay away from trash cans, or stop pulling away from you when walking. They are not meant to inflict pain. Never let children handle the remote control. Use positive reinforcement such as words of praise or treats to reinforce good behavior.

Teaching your dog the sit, stay and come commands can be an effective tool when learning how to use a dog shock collar. When your dog understands these commands, it can mean less use of the collar’s stimulus. If your dog is overly aggressive and the electronic dog training collar doesn’t work, you may need to consult a professional trainer or animal behaviorist.

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