Best Electronic Dog Training Collars Reviews

Electronic dog training collars have been used for several decades as a training tool. Early models tended to be crude, and were limited in the scope of their applicability. The early interfaces tended to either be overly complex, or overly simple. On the other hand, modern models offer a wide range of features, are accessible by beginners, and at the same time are useful enough for advanced trainers.

These collars can generally be divided into five groups based on the type of deterrent they provide: Electrical Stimulation (Shock) Collars, Citronella Collars, Ultrasonic Collars, Sonic Collars, and Vibration Collars. All of these collars provide a deterrent that is irritating, but not painful or injurious. Electrical stimulation collars produce a mild electric shock. Citronella collars which are very effective anti bark collars, spray a mist or stream of liquid. Ultrasonic collars create a tone that is audible in the ultrasonic range, which dogs can hear and humans cannot. Sonic collars also emit a tone, but it is in the normal range of sound (humans can hear it). Vibration collars, as the name implies, produce a vibration against the dogs skin. We have written several electronic dog training collar reviews for each type of collar.

When using an electronic dog training collar, it is important to remember the basics of training. The objective is to train the dog, not to intimidate the dog or reinforce your dominance. Negative reinforcement, including the use of training collars, should never be used when it causes fear, pain, or aggression in the animal being trained. These are all effects that will weaken the training being attempted. A great way to aid in the training while using these collars is to also supplement training with positive reinforcement. This can take the form of edible treats or affection, and can be linked with “positive” audio sounds, which some collars provide.

While looking over the electronic dog training collar reviews, it is important to find a collar that suits your particular needs. There are many models available, so it should be no problem to find a collar that is just right for you. Remember to weigh factors such as the kind of dog you wish to use the collar on (including their size, temperament, and level of training), what dogs you wish to use the collar on in the future, and the location that you will be performing training.

Review a summary of our best electronic dog training collar picks below. Then click on a title or image to read a more detailed review of a collar.

Automatic and Remote Shock Collar Training

Dogtra Field Star Half Mile Training Collar

This collar boasts an impressive range of features designed to let you train your dog with precision whether you are in the field, the park, the beach, or just in the yard.

Tri Tronics Sport G3 Electronic Dog Collar

For an electronic dog training collar that requires many features or is needed for use over very long ranges, Tri Tronics’ Sport Basic G3 Electronic Dog Collar provides a solution. This training system has been designed with the dogs trained in the outdoors for specialty occupations.

Petsafe Yard And Park Remote Trainer

This is the perfect training tool to tackle common problem areas as escaping the yard, chasing cars or pedestrians. Of course, this system works as well in close quarters as other electronic dog training collars.

Petsafe Deluxe Remote Trainer for Small Pets

This system has been engineered only for small dogs weighing between 15 and 40 pounds, ensuring that the level of correction, the fit of the collar, and all other variables given the stature of such dogs have been taken into account.

PetSafe PBC-102 No Bark Collar

By sensing a dog’s bark through vibration sensors as well as sound sensors, this collar can effectively determine if your dog in particular is barking, even if there are other noisy dogs nearby.

Innotek Lap Dog Trainer For Small Dogs

The Innotek Lap Dog Trainer collar is specially designed for use with small and toy dog breeds. The receiver is made particularly small, though the flexible collar is capable of fitting necks between 5 and 21 inches around.

Innotek Ultrasmart Trainer, 300 Yards

When compared to other electronic dog training collars, one might initially worry that such a small unit, measuring only 4 1/8 inches long, would be deficient in features. However, this slim and elegant system delivers many of the functions that we have come to expect, and even a few unique features.

PetSafe Deluxe Big Dog Trainer

Especially well suited for those who need or desire to train their dog in a variety of circumstances and locations, PetSafe’s PDBDT-305 offers a 100 yard range of control. The power of the stimulation is designed for training of dogs over 40 pounds.

Citronella Collars Or Spray Collars

MultiVet Spray Commander Training System

This system uses a spray to discourage dogs from continuing in their current behavior. Additionally, this electronic dog training collar includes the ability to produce a positive sound cue. Enabling instantaneous application of both positive and negative effects greatly reduces training time.

Premier Spray Sense Anti Bark Collar

An electronic dog training collar designed primarily for use to stop barking, the Premier Spray Sense Anti Bark Collar seeks to address this problem in as humane a way as possible.

Ultrasonic Bark Control Collars

Petsafe PUSB Sonic Bark Control Collar

This electronic dog training collar uses sonic and ultrasonic tones to discourage inappropriate dog barking. The surprisingly small unit weighs in at just one ounce, and is designed to slide onto your dog’s existing collar.

Canicom Sonic Bark Control Collar

Even though the unit only weighs just under two ounces, this can be an adjustment for smaller breeds, and being able to have the dog wear the collar without necessarily having it activated means that the dog can be allowed ample time to adjust to the collar comfortably.

Sonic Dog Collars

Super Hush Puppy HP-2 Sonic Bark Collar

This collar senses when the dog is barking through the use of a trainer-adjustable sensor. This allows the trainer to tune this collar to their particular dog, ensuring a minimum of false triggers such as other nearby dogs barking, or environmental noise. Additionally, this collar utilizes a revolutionary progressive intensity in its audio correction.

Bark Buster Basic Bark Control Collar

Due to the subtle nature of this training method, the dog may scarcely notice the tone that is emitted during the first few hours. However, within a training period that may be as little as two days, the dog comes to associate the irritating tone with their barking, and excessive barking becomes greatly diminished.

Vibration Dog Training Collars

Unleashed Technology Guidance Trainer GT-1

Designed primarily for deaf, sensitive, or timid dogs, Unleashed Technology’s Guidance Trainer GT-1 1-dog collar allows the application of harmless but very noticeable vibration to the wearer. This electronic dog training collar has a multitude of levels of intensity to allow trainers precise control even when dealing with the most unruly or hard-to-reach animals.

Unleashed Technology Guidance Trainer GT-3

For dogs that are either too stubborn or wild to be trained using only vibration indicators, momentary electrical stimulation can be administered after a “warning” vibration emission. The electrical stimulation can even be made continuous, as found in other electronic dog training collars, should a form of continuous stimulation be warranted.

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